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Premium Tulsa Cleaning Service

Residential Cleaning

We believe everyone deserves a fresh and clean home that is comfortable and inviting. 

Commerical Cleaning

Contact our team to schedule a free cleaning estimate for your business. 

Our Home Cleaning Services

Cleaning is hard work.  Tulsa Clean Team will provide you with a service that produces meticulous results at a modest price.

Scheduled Cleanings

Pick what’s best for your schedule. Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthy, or One time – Those that need a quick freshen up

Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here! This is a flat fee service. Dust the house top to bottom, clean out all appliances, and the Routine Cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

Contact our team for an estimate at no charge. We also give discounts on the first cleaning to show you our work and process.

Trustworthy and Dependable

Call now to find out how EASY, SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE choosing Tulsa Clean Team can be: 918-378-7587

Our domestic cleaning service is an affordable solution for your home chores. All of our professional team members are vetted and trained to the highest industry standard.

“My whole experience with Tulsa clean team was terrific! There is nothing like coming home after a long day at work and your house being clean and smelling fresh. You can’t go wrong with these guys. They will not overcharge you and if anything is not to your satisfaction they’ll make it right.”

Trina J.


Happy Customers

Jonna and her crew have been cleaning my house for about five months.  They do a great job!  Nothing beats coming home from work to a clean house!  I have been completely satisfied with their service and you can’t beat their specials!  With three dogs, a cat, and two kids, there is a lot to clean and they do it all!  I love my clean wood floors the best!  I have recommended Jonna and her crew to all of my friends!  I have tried other maid services and you just can’t beat the Tulsa Clean Team! 

Robin P.

Tulsa, OK

I have used several different companies in the past and have never been completely satisfied.  They start out doing a good job but the quality of their work never continued.  I now consider myself a long term and loyal customer of The Tulsa Clean Team.  They have far exceeded my expectations.  Jonna is quick to address any minor concerns always resolves them to my satisfaction.  I feel as if my home is safe and secure in competent hands.  It’s always a pleasure walking into my house at the end of a long day knowing TCT has been there.  Their work is excellent and I couldn’t be happier.

Patty G.

Tulsa, OK

Jonna and her Tulsa Clean Team has been cleaning my house for several months now. There is nothing like coming home to an amazingly clean and tidy home. I love it. Jonna and her team provide professional service and they are very thorough. As a single mother with two jobs, they have made my life so easier. I can’t wait for cleaning day and I’m always so thankful at the amazing job Tulsa Clean Team does.They are trustworthy, respectful and fast. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Joey S.

Tulsa, OK

Call now to find out how EASY, SIMPLE, and AFFORDABLE choosing Clean Team Tulsa Cleaning Service can be!