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Mommy Special

Assistance Before & After Pregnancy

Are you expecting or know someone who is expecting?  Let us take care of the final cleaning before you bring home the baby!  We will get all those areas that you weren’t able to get to with the baby bump in the way, and much more.  We can also offer a 3 cleaning package for maintenance while you and the baby get used to your new routine together. 

25% off a first time deep clean for new customers

Must never had used Tulsa Clean Team

We are currently running a 25% off your first cleaning special for all new customers!! Call today for a free estimate.

Our Customers

Tulsa Clean Team is a small family based business, we understand the needs of our clients and the needs of our team members. We work hard to provide an affordable service that is no longer a luxury, but a necessity with today’s busy family life.

My family was very blessed to win house cleanings by Tulsa Clean Team a few years ago. We have 4 kiddos and our youngest 2 have special needs. Between the multitude of Dr’s and specialists appointments, physical, occupational and speech therapy appointments every week, cleaning often fell to the bottom of my list. When Tulsa Clean Team came for our house cleanings they gave me such a sense of relief, one less thing I had to worry about and so nice to be able to relax in a freshly cleaned home! TCT accomplished in a few hours what would take me days to struggle and still fail to get it all done. I could use that extra time to spend with my kids without feeling like I “should” be cleaning instead or having that to do list hanging over my head. TCT always did a wonderful job! Thank you TCT for those cleanings and the piece of mind and time you gave back to me! Our son always wanted to meet and greet the people who cleaned our home and would thank them each time, everyone was always very kind and sweet to him. We are truly appreciative of Tulsa Clean Team!

Amy Starkweather


I bought a Fall Cleaning Package (4 cleanings) at the beginning of October. I can’t tell you what a treat it is to walk in the house after a long day at work and have it smell and look FABULOUS! Jonna and her team are true professionals…polite, efficient, and good at what they do. If you’ve ever thought about hiring a cleaning service, what are you waiting for?????? Great service for a great value!

Lisa Westerfield Whitson

This team has become like family after keeping our home clean for over 3 years. I have chemical sensitivities, and I love that after they clean, I do not walk in to strong chemical odors – just a fresh clean smell. They worked with us through remodeling our home, having my Mother move in, and are understanding to my allergies. Thank you Tulsa Clean Team!!!!

Billye Duncan Bultman